Executive. Sex is supposed to be fun but we all at some point have experienced a sex rut. It seems like age does not matter when it comes to sex. Maybe you have been with your partner for a while, and you had lost that spark you used to have when you were starting, or perhaps you are exhausted which is very normal. The truth is, there are many reasons why you may lose the sexual excitement you once have. But not to worry. There are some unique things you can do to spice up your sex life. Here are some of them.

1. Sexting

Sexy messages could be what you need to get your sex life exciting. Try sexting your partner about that memorable time you had sex and get into the little details of it or send them erotic photos of you. Sexy messages will always do the magic trick and get you motivated. But first, ensure that they will receive them in private.

2. Try Something Different

When you watch the same movie many times or listen to the same music, you would probably get bored. The same applies to sex. Try different positions or do the act at a different place rather than the usual. It could be in the kitchen, the basement or anywhere as long as there is privacy. Also, you could try to get toys from a sex shop. Especially for women, the strap on dildo would be quite handy. You could also play around with some forms of bondage ensure that they are gentle and safe.

3. Use Porn to Turn Yourself On

We cannot deny the power of porn. There are many categories out there to help you and your partner. Porn can help you get into the mood. And you can also source out some sexy ideas from the films. Also, you could watch them on your own if you are looking forward to surprise your partner with a new trick. Reading of erotica books would also help.

4. Foreplay

There is nothing that makes sex fantastic as oral sex. Rather than jumping into sex right away, you should take things slowly. You can make out like teenagers for a while then you could rub each other out. Touch her and let her touch you without doing the deed. Or you and your partner could also use your mouth to pleasure each other. If you don’t know how to go about it with this, let porn and erotic books help you out.


5. Have Sex Days

Spontaneity is overrated, and there is no perfect moment for the mood to strike. Make a calendar of when you will both have time for sex and write it in your diary or anywhere that will help you remember. But don’t just settle on the date and time, also decide on the venue, a room or even a fantasy you may want to try up. By setting such dates, it helps you stay anticipated and can make sure that you are on arousal at the time you meet.

Everyone falls into a sex rut at some point. But these tips can do wonders for you and your partner. So try sending the sexy messages or watching hot erotica. You never know what could work out for you unless you try. Remember that sex doesn’t have to be about the intercourse, you should make it a part of your everyday life.